Be one with your boots with Lange LX and Lange RX

Searching for the perfect ski boot

Absolutely pleasant to wear, please! But also excellent performance! And a hip design in the trend colours of the season would also be great! We are talking about the new ski boot. The selection on the market is huge, but not all models convince with full performance and high wearing comfort. True to the motto "Be one with your boots", the traditional manufacturer Lange offers ski boots that are as comfortable as a slipper but still offer outstanding performance.

Lange: Development of ski boots with tradition

For 50 years now, it has been Lange's goal to develop shoes that do not simply enclose the foot. Rather, the inventors want to anticipate the behaviour of the foot and the movements when skiing. The aim is to create a shoe that acts like a natural extension of the leg.

Long Dual Core technology

For the first time this season, Lange is using a new, groundbreaking technology: Dual Core is a plastic sandwich construction that offers impressive grip and outstanding flex control. The innovative design allows materials of different hardness to be injected into the same mould at three injection points on the shell and two injection points on the shaft. The result: a precise, strategic adjustment of the flex and the reverse stop. The ski boot is more flexible at certain points and stiffer at others. Demanding skiers can look forward to an unprecedented level of progressive flex and impressive rebound.

In which ski boots is the Dual Core technology used?

Dual core technology can be found, for example, in the legendary RS race line. Developed under racing conditions, it shows Lange's entire know-how and convinces in terms of performance and precision as well as comfort. 

Based on the RS, Lange has also developed the new All Mountain RX line. It enables versatile use in various snow and terrain conditions. An impressive fit with strong heel and foot support meets full performance here. Lange has paid attention to hip design - stylish and sporty - which can be combined perfectly with the current ski fashion.

Lange LX and Lange RX: Something to suit everyone

The variety of Lange ski boots also contributes to the good fit: Last winter, the slightly narrower Lange RX Allmountain series was equipped with DualCore technology, and this winter, thanks to the brand new Lange LX series, skiers with slightly wider feet can also enjoy progressive flex and dynamic performance.
To make sure that there is really something for everyone, the new LX series boots are of course also available in various versions for different types of skiers. For example, the Lange LX 130 is a very sporty shoe that offers absolute safety even at top speeds.

Of course, the same also applies to the slightly narrower women's shoes of the RX series, for example the very sporty Lange RX 110 W and the more comfortable Lange RX 90 W Pro and Lange RX 80 W. The Lange RX 110 Pro is suitable for men with a slightly narrower foot.

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