Sporty slope skis from Fischer: the perfect fit for everyone

The confusion starts when you scroll through our online store: So many models, which one is right for me? There are dozens of models for every application. How can you decide? We can't explain all the models and every subtle difference here either, but we can at least make a start using the example of the Fischer company.

In fact, Fischer makes a whole range of different models that are aimed at the same audience: sporty skiers who are mainly on the slopes. But of course it wouldn't make sense to build so many different skis if they were all ultimately the same. So: for all the similarities, where are the differences, and why are they important?

Fischer addresses the sporty slope skier with three series at once: the completely revised RC4 Worldcup series, the RC4 The Curv series and the brand new RC One series, which replaces and improves the well-known Progressor series.

Innovative classics: Fischer RC4 Worldcup CT and Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC

Classics, because Fischer's skis are roughly based on the FIS racing skis used in international ski racing. Innovative, because Fischer equips the skis of the RC4 World Cup series this winter with the latest materials and technologies directly from the Fischer Racing Lab to give the skier a whole new racing experience.

The completely newly developed shapes of the Fischer RC4 World Cup skis provide unbeatable acceleration, stability and optimum grip. Also new is the titanal insert, perfectly adapted to the ski geometry, whose special contour ensures pinpoint power transmission and smooth running. Torsional stiffness and power are further enhanced by the innovative Diagotex diagonal carbon mesh. Fischer has also thought of everything else, from the wood core to the Race sidewall and the original World Cup base to the precise edge finish, which is needed for perfect edge grip and high-speed descents.

The new flagship of the RC4 Worldcup series is the Fischer RC4 Worldcup CT, which with its slim dimensions of 113-65-98 and its medium radius of 15.5 meters on 175cm ski length is both a versatile and highly aggressive racing machine that is both smooth enough for long-drawn turns at top speed and agile enough for rapid short turns.

The redesigned Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC is a pro salom race ski that gets short turns, in particular, right to the point. With this lively and aggressive ski, the narrow line becomes a masterpiece thanks to the new 119-66-104 waist and a radius of 13 meters. In particular, the new M-Track plate construction provides an optimized stance position and a whole new turn feel.

But be careful: these two skis are certainly not for beginners, rather for real racers who do not want to compromise and go to their limits!

Innovative curve: Fischer RC4 The Curv DTX and Fischer RC4 The Curv Ti

Fischer shows itself to be even more idiosyncratic and experimental with the RC4 The Curv series. The special feature: the triple radius allows better control and power transmission throughout the turn - from the exact turn initiation to the precise glide phase on the edge to the final acceleration at the end of the turn.

The racing ski off the norm of the series is the Fischer RC4 The Curv DTX. With DIAGOTEX TM, it also features the innovative diagonal carbon grid, which helps resist centrifugal forces in high-speed turns to stay perfectly on track. Further enhancing the track-perfect performance is the new M-Track binding plate. This makes it the perfect ski for extremely demanding skiers who demand everything from their material. With the Fischer The Curv Ti there is a slightly toned-down version, in which the M-Track plate has been swapped for something tamer. So the ski remains cornering, but is much less aggressive and is perfect for harmonious, playful turns.

Innovative all-rounder: Fischer RC One

"Playful" is one of the keywords that first come to mind about Fischer's new RC One series. "Versatile" is the other. That's because with this series, Fischer set out to develop skis that are so easy to ski and so maneuverable that they allow skiers who may not yet be technically perfect to take advantage of all the opportunities the slopes have to offer and improve in the process.

So while the RC4 World Cup skis each perfectly meet a clear set of requirements, the RC One skis are certainly more versatile, both in terms of where they can be used and what skiers can do. This is achieved through some technical innovations.

Particularly outstanding is the turn zone made of Bafatex, a new type of fabric that is both very light and very resilient and torsionally stiff thanks to its special processing. The use of this material in the ski tip and tail makes the RC One skis very light, without this being at the expense of smooth running. They are also so easy to turn that pretty much anyone should be able to handle these skis. The profile is complemented by the Triple Radius adopted from The Curv series.

As the sportiest representatives of the series, the Fischer RC One 72 and the wider allmountain ski Fischer RC One 82 GT manage to meet even the highest demands of speed fanatics thanks to the titanal insert perfectly adapted to the ski geometry, without losing playful behavior and easy turning.