Satisfaction Promise

We know where the shoe pinches! Just send it back to us!

Our unique satisfaction promise gives you the possibility to send your bought skis or skiboots back to us, even if the skiboots doesn´t fits on your little toe or the skis doesn´t match perfectly to you – that can be deciding reasons for great skiing holidays.
Check your skis and skiboots while your skiing holidays on white pists, with fresh snow on a tour. If you can´t ride on your skis like you´ve imagined or if you get blister on your feet because of your skiboots, than they´re not right for you.
Send your bought and tested skis and skiboots back to us, because your perfekt skiing holiday is our mission!

Please don´t send the products by COD (cash on delivery) or not prepaid at the following address:
Am Darmer Bahndamm 1
49809 Lingen / Ems

The balance* will be credited to your account or credit card.

*Please notice the following:
1.    We will repay 75 % of the purchasing price (without proportional value of shipping costs or costs of customs clearance). You may not have used the skis or skiboots longer than 12 days and have to send the skis or skiboots back to us after your skiing holidays immediately. The retained 25 % are obligatory cost sharing and doesn´t nearly cover the obsolescence of the products.

2.    Please notice that our satisfaction promise is a unique service for you.

We can´t take back skis or skiboots:
•    that were bought longer than 6 weeks ago
•    if one can infer from the traces of usage that the skis or skiboots were used for longer than 12 days
•    if the skis or skiboots weren´t handled right
•    if there has been mounted more than one binding
•    if on skis or skiboots were stucked sticker, markings, engravings or similar.

Please note that our satisfaction promise is not valid for personalized mounting points and drilled skis.

3.    Our satisfaction promise includes more options:
•    Should your next skiing holiday start some weeks after the date of purchase we can make an individual agreement for an extension of time for the 6 weeks.

For any questions please feel free to contact us
Phone:     +49 (0) 591 – 44 17