What is actually an allround carver?

For whom is an allround carver suitable?

The allround carver is, as the name suggests, a very versatile ski. Versatile in this case does not mean that this ski is particularly well suited for any kind of terrain, but rather that it makes it relatively easy for the skier to handle most conditions on the slope.

That's why an allround carver is particularly suitable for skiers who mainly ski on light to medium slopes. Allround carvers are not suitable for deep snow adventures or breakneck descents at top speed.
Depending on the model, allround carvers are therefore primarily aimed either at beginners and skiers who are still in the learning phase or at skiers who are quite experienced and want to step on the gas a little from time to time, but above all want to maintain a controlled and relaxed skiing style.

What are the characteristics of an allround carver?

Allround carvers usually have a center width of around 75mm and a center radius, which allows them to turn relatively quickly on the prepared slope as well as to turn easily in the snow or on the groomed slope. Pre-tensioning and rebound are not too pronounced on the Allrounder, making it very easy to ski with little effort. An allround carver can also easily forgive the odd driving mistake, and drifting turns are no problem with it. At medium and slightly higher speeds, the allround carver provides a lot of safety, but it is not suitable for a very aggressive driving style, as it lacks torsional rigidity and dynamics.

In what length should you ski the allround carver?

That depends entirely on your skiing skills. As a rule of thumb, the longer the ski, the smoother it runs even at higher speeds, and the shorter the ski, the easier it turns in.

As a pure beginner you should therefore ski your allround carver at a length that is about 20cm to 25 cm below your body height. If you have already gained some experience and have a certain amount of basic athleticism, you can choose your allround carver up to a length of about 15 cm below your body height.

Allround carver for women?

Even though there is of course nothing to prevent women from also riding the men's (or unisex) allround carvers, there are good reasons why female skiers should rather look around for the models developed especially for women.

Women's and men's skis differ not only in weight and design, but also in their handling characteristics. Women's body center of gravity is usually further towards the hips than men's, and since skiing is all about shifting the body's center of gravity at the right moment, conventional skis do not always make it easy for women to initiate the turn. That's why women's skis are usually designed with the body's center of gravity further forward to make it easier to turn in.

An allround carver is not enough for you and you are looking for something sportier and more dynamic model?

Then you should look for a sportcarver, slalomcarver, racecarver or allmountainski. Depending on which preferences are to be served.