Völkl Racetiger: The classic among the race carvers

Völkl Racetiger: still a classic?

One of a classic's characteristics is that it is already there for a long time, but it is definitely not old-fashioned. On the opposite: a classic characterises itself by always being fresh and getting better with age.

Völkl Racetiger history

Völkl company in general and the Völkl Racetiger in particular have been here for a long time. Völkl has been based at its headquarters in Straubing since 1923, and in 1973 the company launched the Racetiger, a model that is hard to think off the ski slopes.

Moreover, the Völkl company in general and the Racetiger in particular are always developing. On the one hand, Völkl's ongoing investments in future-oriented technologies and the production site in Germany and, on the other, the constant development of the products prove this.

From slalom carvers to giant slalom carvers: Völkl has a range to suit every taste

Things have changed a lot since then: There is no longer just one 'Renntiger', which has been internationalised and is now called Racetiger, but a whole collection: there are the Völkl Racetiger SC and Völkl Racetiger RC for the intermediate to good skier, one mainly for short turns, the other for long ones. For those in the same performance class, but who place particular emphasis on low weight, there is the Völkl Racetiger SC Carbon.
Above them are the top models Völkl Racetiger SL (slalom carver) and Völkl Racetiger GS (giant slalom carver) for really fast top skiers. Both address very skilled and sporty top skiers who like to get the last few percent of speed out of themselves and their equipment. For those who value an extremely stable ride even at top speeds, but do not want to give up a certain liveliness and reactivity, these are the skis for you.
For the very adventurous, Völkl has launched the Völkl Racetiger GS Master and the Völkl Racetiger SL Master. These high-end models have been tuned for top performance: With a World Cup binding plate, an absolute top binding and the World Cup ash core, Völkl closes the gap between the race carvers of the pros and the top models for amateur piste fun with these high-end race carvers.

Racetiger with Tailored carbon and improved radius for even more dynamics

The Racetiger SL and Racetiger GS as well as the Racetiger SL Master and Racetiger GS Master are equipped with Völkl's latest innovation: Tailored Carbon Tips. Individual carbon fibres are applied to the base material of the tip in such a way that they increase the torsional stiffness of the ski precisely in the area of the first contact between tip and snow. This leads to a very precise response of the shovel at the start of the turn and supports an agile and very safe retraction of the ski, especially on compact snow surfaces.
In addition to the slightly shortened and flattened tip rocker, the slightly modified geometry of the skis plays a major role in the improved handling. The slightly narrower centre width enables a noticeably more dynamic, responsive skiing style with precisely controlled edge changes.

Völkl Racetiger SL in our ski test:

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