Fischer The Curv: The perfect turn

Skiers and their search for the perfect turn

It's like the holy grail of slope lovers. Everyone wants it, everyone is looking for it, but it's not so easy to find: The perfect turn. If you ask the company Fischer, the recipe for the perfect turn isn't that difficult: Take three racing legends, give them a lot of time to experiment, add the latest World Cup technologies, add a pinch of perfectionism and garnish generously with extensive tests around the world and it's done: the Fischer RC 4 The Curv family.

What exactly is the perfect turn?

Of course the whole thing isn't quite that simple: It took the three racing legends Hans Knauss (AUT), Mike von Grünigen (SUI) and Kristian Ghedina (ITA) two years of development work to create a ski that fulfilled their expectations. And no surprise, these were high: "I always want to be able to keep everything under control while skiing. The feeling of completely mastering the game with centrifugal forces, feeling the urge to move forward and being one with the ski and the snow from the beginning of the turn to the end," said Hans Knauss, describing his expectation of the perfect turn.

The Curv - technical details

In order to achieve this, the development team has spared no effort and copied some of the racing skis from the professional sector without neglecting their suitability for the slopes: The diagonally laid carbon struts effectively prevent excessive twisting of the ski and thus ensure optimum control. The very harmonious bending line ensures optimum power transmission. The ski simply moves smoothly and without a broker through the radius that the skier likes.

But the best thing about the Fischer The Curv are the unique shapes: Triple Radius combines a handy entry with a stable and smooth curve as well as a final push at the end of the turn. In combination with the progressive sidecut concept, THE CURV is suitable - depending on the length - for short, medium and long turns.

THE CURV - The perfect turn

With THE CURV the three Fischer racing professionals have found it, the perfect turn: "Think of a hard, freshly slope in the morning. A ride like on rails. Gliding, creeping, pure adrenaline, total power and full concentration - with every turn. The snow crunches, the edge burns - that's exactly the perfect turn", Kristian Ghedina describes the RC 4 The Curv from Fischer.

THE CURV and its models

Next to the sporty RC The Curv Booster, with a booster plate for extremely ambitious skiers, the three ex-professionals have also thought of the less racing skiers: The RC 4 The Curv DTX is a real machine for the slope, greedy for curves, but not that racing aggressive. A great ski for every very good skier. The Curv Ti is also a less aggressive version of the fast cruiser and guarantees maximum fun for this target group.

With a wider centre and smaller radius, The Curv GT is a great choice for slalom enthusiasts in shorter lengths due to its manoeuvrability. The longer it gets, the more the middle radii are its terrain. But there is one thing he does better than pure slope skis in particular: he simply has more buoyancy when it comes to fresh snow or wet snow like skiing in spring, which makes him playful even under these difficult conditions..

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