Redster Series from Atomic: Skis for each type of racer

The Redster series from Atomic: the evolution of the red lightning bolt

Atomic has prepared something very special for the coming season. The revision of the successful Redster series! Inspired by 13 years of close collaboration with eight-time overall World Cup winner Marcel Hirscher, the Revoshock technology is the culmination of continuous improvement so far. Now Atomic is turning over a new leaf in the Redster history with the Redster Q models....

Evolution moves steadily and slowly. In the process, it keeps producing forms and changes in order to be even better adapted to their environment and to better fulfil the tasks they have to perform. We can also speak of a kind of evolution in the ski sector. The changes over the years make the skis better and better at doing what they are supposed to do, which is to support the respective skier in exactly the style of skiing that suits their skiing ability and demands.

An example of this is Atomic's famous Redster series, which has already improved significantly in recent years and is also taking another evolutionary leap this winter, which is something to be proud of.

Double Deck, Servotec, Revoshock: new shapes, new skiing experience

The evolutionary driver par excellence in the ski sector is certainly racing: new concepts are developed for this sector, and if they catch on there, they are transferred in slightly modified form to skis in the leisure sector.

Without a doubt, the top models of the Redster series from Atomic have long been among these skis. For years, the name Redster has been synonymous with absolutely smooth-running and track-stable bullets that can be skied cleanly on the edge even at top speed.

But evolution does not rest - and Redster skis have also undergone a few transformations in recent years: many skiers will still remember the massive double-deck structures that hung heavily on the ski boots just a few years ago. Thanks to these double decks, these skis shone with an enormous smoothness, but they were, firstly, enormously heavy and, secondly, difficult to drift into a braking turn, especially at high speeds.

In order to maintain the smooth ride but reduce weight and increase manoeuvrability, Atomic has developed something new for the top models of the new Redster series in winter 2019/2020: Servo-Tec, a kind of power steering for skis. Here, a very light pull rod provides pre-tensioning of the ski and thus easier turn initiation, at the same time it dampens vibrations and thus ensures a very smooth ride even at high speeds.

Agility and stability with the Atomic Redster Revo

Last winter, Atomic pushed the Redster evolution one step further with Revoshock technology, developed in collaboration with Marcel Hirscher. Revoshock was originally developed for World Cup skis, and at the 2020 World Cup season opener in Soelden, Lucas Braathen already took a victory in the giant slalom with Redster Revoshock. Now this technology of the new Redster series is also available for recreational skiers.

In this technology, several spring steel modules have each been underlaid with shock-absorbing elastomer. This built-in suspension system for skis eliminates annoying shocks and vibrations before they reach the feet. The advantage over other damping systems is Revoshock's ability not only to absorb shock and vibration, but to use it for rebound: All spring steel modules, from the ski tip to the binding plate, work together harmoniously to convert otherwise unused energy into valuable acceleration. The result is a skiing experience that offers both stability at top speeds and agility during turns.

As it should, Atomic offers both Servotec technology and the brand new Revoshock technology for top race skis for both sporty slalom and giant slalom enthusiasts, in the form of the Atomic Redster S9 and Atomic Redster G9 (with Servotec), and for the even more demanding in the form of the Atomic Redster S9 Revo S and the Atomic Redster G9 Revo S.

Atomic Redster X9S Revoshock S a ski for every situation. 

And even for those who love skiing fast, but aren't quite sure whether they prefer slalom or giant slalom turns, Atomic has something nice in its lineup:

The Atomic Redster X9S Revoshock S with Servotec. This ski features a multi-radius sidecut that falls right between giant slalom and slalom. Ideal for short as well as long, wide turns on the slopes. This makes the Redster X9 Revo the perfect partner for the slopes - all season long! And if you still want to commit rather clearly to salom or giant slalom ski, you can simply select the length accordingly.

Atomic Redster Q: The newest member of the family

With the Q models from the Redster Series, Atomic is going a completely new way. In contrast to the classic Redster models, which excel in the classic racing disciplines and on hard slopes, the new Redster Q models perform particularly well in difficult slope conditions. No matter whether on rutted slopes or slushy snow: these skis feel at home everywhere and are your companion for the whole day.

They replace the Vantage series in the all-mountain range at Atomic. The combination of Revoshock technology with a center width of 85 millimeters ensure that you are well positioned in all conditions from October to April.

If you're looking for a particularly sporty model, you'll find it with the flagships Whether moguls or freshly groomed slopes, the Q models can handle anything. However, experience on the slopes is essential with these skis in any case, because they want to be driven quite actively.

The Atomic Redster Q7 Revo C, on the other hand, is more of a versatile and smooth ski that is quite a bit lighter than the top models. This is achieved by a Revoshock module made of carbon. Now, of course, you might think the ski isn't sporty enough, but that's not the case at all. The Q7 Revo C is for medium to advanced riders and conveys a high level of smoothness even at high speeds.

For the regular rider, of course, the Redster Q-Series has models in store. Among others, the Atomic Redster Q6 LT or the narrower Atomic Redster Q5 LT. All Q-Ski models have a Multi Radius Sidecut, which allows you to make both short and long turns without any problems. Stability is provided by a Titanal insert on the Q6 LT and Q5LT.

Of course, Atomic hasn't neglected its women's skies either, applying the Q concept to its Cloud line of women's skis, including Revoshock. Take our quiz and find out if the new Cloud Q models are right for you.