Head Shape: Less weight, more technology, more lightness?

Head Shape: Versatility and fun.

More is less and therefore less is more. Sounds confusing? The ski engineers at Head are trying to prove the opposite. They set out to build a ski in which weight and complexity are reduced to the bare minimum, but which is also more stable, robust and sporty. And to achieve this, they have virtually stuffed this ski with the latest technologies and the best materials.

The formula is that when you put more technology and innovation in, less weight and bells and whistles come out, and that makes for more versatility and fun skiing. The result: Head's new Shape series. But does the formula work? Let's take a look at what came out of it!

Head Shape = Versatility + Fun (Technologies & Innovation - Weight & Bells & Whistles)

The top models in the series are the Head Shape e-V8 and the Head Shape e-V10. There's a lot in both skis, see for yourself....

Shape Series: What's inside

Materials in the Shape

Let's start with the materials: From the core made of Karuba wood, which with its low density stands for the perfect balance of low weight and robustness, to the carbon inserts and the reinforcement made of the ultra-light, ultra-hard wonder material Graphene, everything is geared towards one goal: to build a super-light ski that impresses with its outstanding handling characteristics and perfect grip.

Building the Shape

Of course, for this to work, all the beautiful materials have to be arranged in a sensible way. This starts with the weight distribution: In the shovel and at the end of the ski, the Shape skis are slightly thicker and under the binding slightly thinner than conventional all-mountain carvers. This ensures smooth ski control and a balanced flex without much effort. For additional weight optimization provides a performance backbone reinforcement running across the center of the ski.

Geometry of the Shape

But the geometry of Head Shape skis is also something special: the characteristic shape, which results from a wide shovel with a constant center width, provides a stronger pull-in, thus supporting the rider during turn initiation and enabling easier turning. The narrow end of the ski, on the other hand, takes some of the aggression out of the end of the turn, allowing for agile and effortless skiing in all conditions.
Shape series with proven Era 3.0 concept.
The skiing characteristics are made even better by the proven Era 3.0 concept: the skis in the Shape series have an allride rocker to facilitate turn initiation and skiing on soft ground. Thanks to the progressive radius and Intellifibers in the ski tip, a fast edge grip and a smooth shovel are still guaranteed.
To ensure that the complete ski always maintains its tracking even in less than ideal piste conditions, Head has incorporated EMC (Electronic Management Circuit) technology into the new Shape series. This is the only electronic damping system in the world that filters out the negative vibrations from the skis. So much for what's inside. But what comes out of it?
You can find out more about the EMC in our article on Head's new Supershape series.

Shape Series: Skies for every kind of skier!

Head Shape e-V10 and Head Shape e-V8: Versatility for sporty skiers

This much can be said: the Head Shape e-V10 and Head Shape e-V8 are truly amazingly versatile skis for sporty riders. Whether you want to make sharp turns on the freshly groomed slopes or plow through deep snow off-piste, both skis offer good grip on hard surfaces and glide easily over powder and sulz. Not only that, but while they take it in stride when you really push them and go full throttle, they don't force you to always go sporty, but also allow you to take it easy on the leisurely descent just before the turn in to save energy.
Thanks to the slightly larger center width, the e-V10 is certainly more of an all-mountain specialist for experienced riders who also love the terrain and want to ride on the slopes as if they were next to it, while the e-V8 with its 75mm waist is a universalist that can shine in all conditions.

Head Shape e-V5

The Head Shape e-V5 is the little brother of the two and with its partial wood core even more power-saving to ride and easier to turn. This makes it a playful lightweight for mid-sport riders who want to have fun from morning to night.

Shape series: Our conclusion

The formula works: There really is something for everyone in Head's Shape models, and skiing fun is guaranteed in all piste conditions.