Have you already found the right one? Atomic Cloud women's ski in comparison

Admittedly: It's all a bit confusing. There are countless types of skiers. And the ski manufacturers seem to be trying to produce the right ski for each of these women. For example Atomic produces five different slope models for women with the Cloud series. It's not so easy to choose the right ski. To make it a bit easier, we thought about a little quiz for women to find out which Atomic Cloud is right for you. Have fun!

Attention: Humor! As you all know, humor likes to play with prejudices. But it is the truth that all SNOW-HOW! mens have tested all women's skis that we have in our range. So if you can't laugh about our quiz, you might be entertained by the idea of how our male ski salesmen went to the glacier with diamonds-convered Skis. Our boss even liked the pink skis more ...

1) Getting ready for your skiing trip

A) You are trying hard to repress as long as possible that you have accepted to take part in a skiing trip. Just before starting your trip, you think about simply claiming that you "forgot" the whole thing. However, you let your holiday buddies push you into the fully packed car ready for departure. (0 points)

B) For you there is nothing more important than to go on a skiing trip well prepared. So at the end of September you start thinking about whether your outfit is still up-to-date and go on extensive shopping trips to make sure that your jacket fits your skis, your skis fit your pole, your pole fits your glove, your glove fits your ski boot and your ski boot fits your helmet. (1 point)

C) The word "holiday" is quite inappropriate. Skiing is a serious sport for you, and you prepare yourself accordingly: Just after Easter you will start a challenging training program for the coming season consisting of circuit training, visualization exercises and steeplechases. You are seriously considering buying a mountain tent in order to be optimally prepared. (2 points)

2) Which is the most comfortable area for you?

A) Well, if you are completely honest: This gigantic mountain, which the other people call "beginner's hill", makes you feel a bit insecure. You're thinking to go with the small kids to the bambini Ski kindergarden. (0 point)

B) Actually you feel comfortable everywhere, but you prefer red slopes where you can pick up some speed without losing control. You like to take blue slopes for relaxing. You can also master black slopes without any problems, even though you are sometimes happy when you have reached the bottom. (1 point)

C) Depending on your interests, you'll either have to read a book or write an SMS, that you don't get bored, while you're racing down the black piste with 120 km/h. You've already mastered the Streif in Kitzbühel and the Harakiri slope in the Zillertal easily, and that was interesting for a while, but slowly you're looking for new challenges. (2 points)

3) How do you see the other skiers?

A) Either not at all, because you're so focused that your skis don't get tangled up. Or as shadows that race past you at impossible speeds of 20 km/h or more and seemingly suicidal intent. (0 point)

B) They are all nice people. Well, some of them are faster and others slower than you. You just think that some people could really dress a little bit better. (1 point)

C) You see the other slope users primarily as moving obstacles. Although you sometimes think it's very practical that the slopes are automatically equipped with human slalom poles, it's especially on bottlenecks you start to annoy yourself when you have to slow down for helplessly slipping incompetents. (2 points)

4) What do you think of women's skis?

A) You think skis are basically scary. The most important thing: A ski must keep your troubles to a minimum. If women's skis can help: perfect. (0 point)

B) You think an extra ski for ladies is a good idea. Only three conditions should be fulfilled: a) the ski should not weigh more than your handbag, b) the ski should glitter and c) a little bit pink would not be bad either. (1 point)

C) You don't understand the whole "women's ski" concept. Why should anyone have an interest in getting a butter-soft, fluttering something under their feet? (2 points)´

Which one is right for you?

0-2 points: Cloud 7! Seriously, this ski is nice to you. All he wants is to make it as easy as possible for you. It offers you easy turning, energy-saving skiing, controllability and stability. Trust it and maybe it won't take that long until you don't want to leave the slope anymore.

2-6 points: Cloud 8 or Cloud 9! Well, they're not pink. But Atomic calls these skis "the little black" in their collection. They combine elegance with the right riding characteristics for every situation: easy handling, smooth running and manoeuvrability. And yes: they also glitter a bit.

6-8 points: Cloud 11 or Cloud 12! These skis are in no way inferior to the sporty unisex's skis, they are just a bit more chic and lighter. The World Cup innovation Servotec or Servotec-Light (which is also used in the racing models of the Redster series) ensures extreme agility with tight turns and absolute running smoothness at high speeds. A ski couldn't be more sporty.

 Atomic Cloud 12 in our SKITEST for women's skis:

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