Experience the blast!

First of all, what does ‘the blast’ mean? It means "explosion", "gust", "shock wave", "jet stream", but also "huge fun". The French ski manufacturer Salomon uses "the blast" to describe the feeling when setting off on the slopes for the first run, when laying the ski on the edge, for the feeling of acceleration, of risk, of overcoming gravity or when the centrifugal forces can be felt in every fibre of the body.

So the ‘blast’ is basically what we are all looking for when we go to the slopes year after year. The problem is that this feeling is not so easy to get. Sometimes the snow conditions are too bad, sometimes the slope is too crowded, sometimes it's up to us, and for some it's just the equipment that doesn't fit, which is why www.snow-how.de is here.

But Salomon has made it its mission to make it as easy as possible for as many skiers as possible to experience the blast feeling. Salomon naturally has no influence on snow and slope conditions. But on the construction of their ski models, yes. Salomon's mission for the blast feeling for these skis, Salomon has set itself the goal of equipping all piste-oriented skiers with a ski that allows them to go to their limit and otherwise meets all expectations they have of a sporty piste ski. For this, the ski manufacturer worked with race specialists to achieve this goal. In our opinion it worked perfectly. Convince yourself and experience the blast!

Salomon development for the Blast feeling!

Salomon has taken it upon itself to make it as easy as possible for as many skiers as possible to experience the blast feeling. Of course, Salomon has no influence on the snow and piste conditions. But it does have an influence on the design of its ski models. Salomon Development for the Blast Feeling For these skis, Salomon has set itself the goal of equipping all piste-oriented skiers with a ski that enables them to reach their limit and meets all other expectations that they have of a sporty piste ski. To achieve this, the ski manufacturer worked with race specialists. In our opinion, it worked perfectly. Convince yourself...

Salomon S/Race SL brings stability and liveliness thanks to Blade Technology

With the Blade Technology, Salomon has optimised the skis of the new S/Race models even further. With the flexible polymer inserts incorporated into the titanium layer, the skis of the S/Race series, such as the top slalom carver Salomon S/Race SL, can be flexed easily without compromising torsional stiffness and running smoothness. On the contrary: the ski offers the perfect combination of the stiffness needed to stand securely on the edge when carving quickly with the liveliness needed for fast edge changes. Thus, the S/Race SL even meets the highest demands. With double titanium layer, sandwich side wall, race wood core and race coating, the ski is an ideal companion for sporty slalom skiers. Because the S/Race SL is designed for carvings at high speeds in tight slalom turns.

Edge Amplifier on Salomon S/Max puts pressure on the edge

An absolutely perfect edge grip is decisive for the blast moment. To ensure that the rider's power is transferred more efficiently to the edge, Salomon has therefore incorporated bevelled increases on the sides of all the skis in the range, which means that the binding is much better integrated into the ski. The result of this technology, called Edge Amplifier, is improved control, a better feel for the snow underfoot, 30 percent less torsion and easier entry into the turn.

Guaranteed fun = Salomon S/Max

Thanks to Edge Amplifier, all S/Max models have in common that they have a firm edge grip and are less aggressive than the S/Race models due to a slight rocker. With the Salomon S/Max 10, medium to sporty skiers have a ski that is highly stable thanks to its double Titanal insert and brings with it enormous edge grip. In contrast, the Salomon S/Max 8 gives advanced skiers that blast feeling, but is more versatile and easier to handle.

The women's models Salomon S/Max N°10 and Salomon S/Max N°8 also have perfect edge grip thanks to Edge Amplifier technology. The S/Max N°10 also has a Full Dual Woodcore. This is a poplar wood core inlaid in foam, which ensures that the ski is one of the lightest in its category and still impresses with its sporty performance.


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