Ski highlights of the season

The innovation machine never stands still in the ski industry: ski manufacturers invent new technologies, build prototypes and test for all they're worth. When everyone is convinced, the new developments are initially used in racing and then, after a few years, also end up in the online shops, on the ski walls and on the shoe shelves of the ski shops.
In this way, a multitude of new or newly revised ski and ski boot models come onto the market every year. Even for us, it is sometimes not so easy to keep the overview: Which novelties are there, which new products are really innovative, and which are just the old models in a new design?
To help you keep an overview, we have compiled a list of some innovations that we believe really bring something new on the slopes, are a true innovation or at least represent significant improvements to old concepts.

New skis from Head & Atomic: Absorption and dynamics

The hot topics in ski development at the moment seem to be absorption and dynamics:

Atomic Q models = new development

The biggest new development this year comes from Atomic - and this new development can be named with a single letter: Q! What exactly the Q is supposed to stand for, we don't really know. But we know one thing for sure: with the Q models, Atomic is expanding its range in the Redster series (Redster Q) and in the women's Cloud series (Cloud Q) - with somewhat wider all-mountain skis that you can have fun with in almost all piste conditions. Quality? But we do know one thing for sure: with the Q models, Atomic is expanding its range in the Redster series (Redster Q) and in the women's Cloud series (Cloud Q) - with somewhat wider all-mountain skis that you can have fun with in almost all piste conditions. As we found out during our ski test in Kaunertal, these models equipped with Atomic's racing-derived Revoshock technology are agile and edge-gripping, versatile and dynamic at the same time. So, in our estimation, the Q stands for "Qualified" as the perfect companion for every ski day.

The new Head Shape series for sporty all-rounders

For Head, too, standing still was not an option for the new season. There are no brand new technologies, but with the new Head Shape series they have developed a series for sporty all-rounders and for the first time installed the major innovation EMC (Electric Management Circuit) in this segment. The EMC, which was previously only installed in the race series Head Worldcup Rebels, the sporty piste series Head Supershape and in the top model of the lady carver series Head Joy, converts the kinetic energy generated during the ride by flexing and twisting into electrical energy and thus ensures noticeably smoothe and more precise control and a richer edge grip.

Völkl, Fischer, Rossignol & Salomon make big impact with small improvements

Old familiar Völkl Racetiger & Deacon

That less is sometimes more is proven once again this year by the traditional ski manufacturer Völkl. Tradition is one key to success, constant development another, but equally important. To prove it, Völkl has once again improved the modern classic Völkl Racetiger. In particular, the wooden core made of ash, which is otherwise only used in racing, and the tailor-made Tailored Carbon Tips ensure unexpected dynamics and sportiness. Völkl has also added two new models to the successful Deacon series of recent years: the Völkl Deacon 76 and the Völkl Deacon 72 are also equipped with Tailored Carbon Tips and are particularly suitable for friends of an aggressive skiing style who don't want to do without a playful element.

Salomon, Rossignol and Fischer have also optimised their race series

Salomon S/Race models: The Blade technology polymer inserts incorporated into the titanal layer allow the skis to flex effortlessly without losing stability.
Rossignol Hero Elite series: Thanks to the new V-Titanal insert, the Hero Elite skis are even more balanced and smooth-running.
Fischer RC4 Worldcup skis: Fischer has developed new shapes for these models which ensure that the ski is even more stable, has unbeatable acceleration and optimum grip.

Scott Blend: visor helmet, but elegant

The development of ski helmets has advanced significantly in recent years. Visor helmets are particularly popular. After all, they are incredibly practical: goggles fit easily under the visor, the field of vision is excellent and they are usually very easy to use. Unfortunately, there is one problem: the visor helmets usually don't look very elegant. To solve this problem, Scott has now developed the Scott Blend, the first fully integrated visor helmet on the market. The magnetic visor mechanism ensures that the visor merges into one unit with the helmet when closed. The elegant design and luxurious features also convinced the ISPO Award jury.

So far, that's our little preview of the season. If you want to know more, you should come back here soon. All of that (and of course many other topics) will be covered in more detail here in our blog in the coming weeks and months.