Lighter, stronger, better? The Atomic-Vantage-Allmountainskis!

Starting season 22/23: The Atomic Vantage series is not renewed. It goes over into these series:
Freeride: Maverick/Bent - Piste: Redster Q

Allmountain: A ski for every situation

What do you expect from an all-mountain ski? Well, the name is self explanatory: actually everything. An all-mountain ski should run quietly in the morning on the freshly prepared slope while carving fast and should not cost too much energy in the afternoon on the last run in corn snow (we call it Sülze). It should offer enough edge grip even if you ski into an ice plate and it should not sink if you want to make a side trip into the off-pist area. In short: A ski for all situations. It should help you to cope with almost everything the mountain has to offer.

Lightness and stability

To achieve this you would have to combine the lightness of freeride skis with the stability of race carvers. This should never work one hundred percent, but Atomic's approach with the Prolite technology (which Atomic calls "revolutionary") sounds promising in theory: Instead of simply saving material in order to reduce weight, the new Vantage skis start with a very thin and light profile, which is then reinforced at the crucial points for stability and edge grip, i.e. especially under the binding and over the edges.

The result: the new Vantage Allmountain skis are supposed to be extremely effortless and energy-saving to ski due to their low weight. The slim profile gives a better feeling of snow and increased precision and at the same time provides safety even at top speeds.

Atomic Vantage in test

Enough theory: Off to the slopes!

At our ski test at the Kaunertaler Glacier we also tested the new Atomic Vantage. And the results are quite good: One of our testers calls the Atomic Vantage 79 Ti a "top ski for the whole day" and compliments the "good edge grip at high speeds". The ski also forgives one or two mistakes, for example if you get into a reserve. His conclusion: "Gives a lot, requires less". And also for the Atomic Vantage 82 Ti, one of our testers said that it is a "top ski for the whole day and everywhere".

Are the new Vantage skis suitable for all situations?

It depends on what you expect. Especially in extreme areas, the Vantage can't rival with the specialists. Skiers, who prefer to take aggressive short turns on the hard piste all day long, will probably prefer the top slalom carver. And for freeriders, who only feel comfortable when there is no snow groomer to be seen anywhere, a much wider ski tan 90mm is better.

But for all the others, i.e. for all those who want to speed up on the slope and also cruise comfortably through the powder, the Vantage skis are a good solution. They are easy to turn, but still keep the edge stable. They are light and make it easy for the rider without losing speed.

In short: you can' t do anything wrong.

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