The best freeride ski? Rossignol Soul 7 and Sky 7 in test

What does the best freeride ski have to have?

What does a freeride ski need to have to be selected as your partner for the next freeride adventure? Rossignol has been thinking about this questions for years. Successfully: The 7-series from Rossignol has long been regarded as the benchmark in the freeride sector for good reason. But there are always possibilities to make the good even better. For this reason, Rossignol have completely rethought their legendary Soul 7 and Sky 7 models.

Soul 7 and Sky 7: always light and agile

Soul 7 and Sky 7 had one of the most important features of a freeride ski: Due to the light wood core and low tip and tail weight they are extremely light and agile. In combination with the powerful rocker and the 106 mm centre width, the Soul 7 allows effortless floating and playful agility on powder. The narrower Sky 7 (98mm) also offers a playful entrance to freeriding for experienced skier.

Freeride skis suitable for the slopes

But: It is unfortunately not always guaranteed that there is so much snow that you can seriously speak about deep powder. That's why even the most convinced powder enthusiast will sooner or later be confronted with the necessity of having a ride on a "normal" slope from time to time. A lot of freeride skis suffer in such situations from the fact that they are extremely light and easy to turn, but do not have enough torsional stiffness and stability on a hard slope to be ridden safely on the edge. And for riders who prefer an aggressive, less relaxed style, these skis are often too unsteady.

Technical innovations for Soul 7 and Sky 7

Rossignol built an innovative mixture of carbon and basalt in the Soul 7 and Sky 7 for smoother running. The diagonally integrated fibre in the middle of the ski ensured better edge grip and optimum power transmission without losing lightness and playfulness. The result: a ski that is stable and torsionally stiff under the binding and light and playful in tip and tail, while lacking some homogeneity.

Thats why Rossignol has developed an extra-long shovel, which is lighter than ever before because of its special honeycomb structure. It is also better integrated into the chassis of the ski. As a result, Soul 7 and Sky 7 not only offer a more balanced and consistent flex from tip to tail, they have also become more manageable and powerful.

Our conclusion: Rossignol makes the good even better with Soul 7 and Sky 7

The perfect freeride ski needs a lot: Stability, buoyancy, Lightness, versatility and homogeneity. Even this profile contradicts, Rossignol's Soul 7 and Sky 7 come very close to these expectations of the perfect freeride ski.

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