Rossignol React: Get your flow!

Life is full of challenges every day. You have to overcome new hurdles and solve problems you haven`t even known yesterday. So honestly, that can you make feel pretty stressful at times.

But there are also days that bring just as many problems and challenges as usual, but suddenly it doesn't feel stressful anymore, it feels easy. Days when things just flow. Days when you solve one problem after another, have the right reaction ready for every challenge, and the whole thing almost feels like a game. On days like this, you experience something that is probably one of the most pleasant feelings you can experience the flow state.

Enjoy skiing

Skiing is like life. Even a day of skiing can present you with new challenges, and every turn down the slopes brings something new: a patch of ice, a rough slope, a particularly steep section of piste or a narrow section.
Of course, there are also those skiers who seek new challenges every day. Most of us, however, don't want to have anything to do with stress during our skiing vacations, but on the contrary simply want to relax and enjoy the slopes with friends and family.

For this to succeed, you need a minimum of skiing skills and, above all, the right ski. The combination of experience and suitable material allows every skier to react effortlessly and intuitively to any situation they encounter on the slopes. This is where Rossignol's React series comes in.

Rossignol React: the ski with the right response

What do you expect from a ski? Probably you will answer: stability, flexibility and lightness. Without these attributes, skiing is simply less fun. At high speeds, you expect smoothness and optimal edge grip to carve with a confident feel. When you give the ski input, it must respond immediately and predictably. The ski should also be able to initiate any kind of turn without much effort and drift without any problems. After all, a driving error can happen to anyone and the ski shouldn't punish it directly.

The necessary stability is provided by the wood core and the sidewall and, above all, the LCT technology adopted by the Race series Hero Elite. This is a titanium power rail on full ski length which enables the ski to provide high stability and control even at top speeds or difficult piste conditions.
Rossignol's Flex Tip technology is primarily responsible for an easy carving turn. The tips and tails, equipped with adaptive torsion control, concentrate energy for better power transmission, which gives us more direct carving turns, with faster acceleration at the start of the turn and at the end of the turn.

The right flow for every skier

The Rossignol React 10 Ti is the sportiest ski in the React series. The construction with wood core plus Titanal insert makes it perfect for fast carving turns, but it's not too aggressive and can handle medium speed, meaning even the normal advanced recreational skier will have fun with the ski.

Even more versatile to ride is the Rossignol React 8 C.A.M. For this model, Rossignol has opted for a carbon alloy instead of the titanal insert, making the ski lighter and smoother to handle. However, the carbon ensures that there is nevertheless enough stability for high speed on hard ski slopes.

The React series also has the right ski for you if you want to improve from beginner. The Rossignol React 6 CA offers easy access to dare your first carving turns and work on your technique without overwhelming you.