Rossignol Nova in detail: Perfect skis for the perfect day?

In order to experience the best possible day on the slopes, a lot has to be right: There should be nice snow, the view should be perfect, it should not be too cold and not too warm, the slope should not be too full, the boots should fit perfectly and the skis should take part in whatever is demanded of them.

Most of these things, such as the weather, we can't influence, so it's probably best to adapt, to take it as it comes.

However, with other things one can demand that you do not have to adapt to them, but that they adapt to your own requirements. This is the case for ski boots, which nowadays can be adapted so well to the foot that aching feet are a thing of the past. And that should also apply to skis.

A ski that adapts to your needs

But what does it mean to have a ski that adapts to your needs?

Ideally, a ski should suit the physical conditions of the skier, such as fitness, age or weight, and above all his or her ability to ski. It should make it possible to ski at the upper end of the individual possibilities without being overstrained. Roughly speaking: a professional racer needs a completely different ski than a beginner.

It is very important to know how a ski reacts when it is subjected to pressure, i.e. how easily it can be bent and how quickly it returns to its original tension, in short, the flex of a ski.

A racing skier exerts massive pressure on the ski at high speed and therefore needs a ski that is able to withstand this pressure and returns as much of the applied energy as possible during the turn change. A beginner, on the other hand, needs a ski that is easy to handle with little effort.

Rossignol Nova: The right flex for every female skier

With the new Nova women's ski series, Rossignol is now trying to meet these different needs by using three unique Flex profiles (BOOST, ACTIVE, ASSIST) in the Nova Collection in order to offer every female skier the right Flex for her skiing style.

For example, the Rossignol Nova 10 Ti is equipped with the Boost Flex profile, making it one of the most sporty skis in the series. The Boost-Flex provides a reactive energy return and a full edge grip even at higher speeds. This makes it exactly the right choice for advanced to sporty female skiers who value powerful precision.

On the other hand, the Rossignol Nova 6, with its very light construction and Active-Flex profile, provides a very successful mixture of permanent control and easy turnability and is therefore exactly the right ski for ascending and advanced skiers who love controlled and self-confident turns. No matter if it's drifting calmly or fast with carving turns down the mountain: The Nova 6 brings lightness and sportiness together in one ski!

The perfect range for the perfect day: LCT Soft from Rossignol

By the way, the fact that racers need completely different skis from ours does not mean that good amateur skiers or even beginners cannot benefit from the innovations developed for racing. An example is Rossignol's line control technology, which is inspired by racing and in the Hero Elite series ensures that even sporty amateurs can enjoy smooth flex performance and perfect track control.

This Rossignol patented LCT technology has now been adapted for the new Nova series to provide smooth stability and control. Thanks to the softer "Power Rail" in the middle, which runs through the ski from tip to end, LCT SOFT eliminates counter-bending and provides reliable line control with smooth, consistent stability.

Nothing more should prevent the next perfect day on the slope.

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