Rossignol Experience: happiness guaranteed!

You can't buy happiness and contentment. But you can do something for it. At least if you believe the popular advice. We think it is important for the general feeling of happiness and satisfaction to invest more in experiences. 

We think: Do you want to be happy? Ski!

And anyone who has ever taken the first lift up the mountain early in the morning and seen the freshly groomed slope glistening in the early sunlight or sat down for a well-deserved refreshing beer after a long day in the snow can probably relate to the truth of this statement.

The experience of skiing makes us happy - how else could it be explained that pretty much everyone who has started skiing would prefer not to stop?

The perfect experience thanks to the perfect equipment

Stupidly, you also need a few things for the skiing experience - and they should meet a few requirements to guarantee the perfect experience: Ski boots should fit perfectly and transmit power optimally, ski clothing should protect against the cold and provide good ventilation at the same time - and the skis?

The perfect skis have to do exactly what the respective skier wants to do. One wants to race downhill at top speed on the edge, the next loves short turns, and for the third only the sweaty climb on touring skis counts.

But many skiers are not so specialised in their demands. For them, it is above all important that their ski enables them to experience the ski area of their choice wherever their mood takes them, without having to worry about whether their ski is suitable for it or not. In other words, skis that are just as suitable for a speedy carving descent as they are for a leisurely stop for a break, and for freshly groomed or even icy slopes as well as for sulzing or a detour into deep snow.

Rossignol Experience: Technology for your perfect experience

If you're this kind of skier, then the brand-new redesigned skis in the Experience series from Rossignol are made for you. And so that you don't have to think, but can simply ski on, the French developers Rossignol have come up with a lot.

The goal was to develop a ski that skis as comfortably as possible in all conditions. And while that seems like an easy task on freshly groomed, grippy snow, the trick is to build the ski so that it's stable and full on variable terrain, yet agile and playful in every turn and edge transition.

To achieve this, the behaviour of the ski tip is particularly important. That's why Rossignol has developed an in-house solution with the Drive Tip Solution, a complex of bundled plastic fibres and a soft visco-damping material in the front area of the ski, which is designed to turn bumpy terrain into a pleasant ride. The directional fibres are placed at the very front of the ski, where they can direct energy towards the visco material located between the directional fibres and the toe part of the binding. This material dampens and distributes the energy so that vibrations and impacts in rough terrain are noticeably reduced.

For even more suppleness and a lively and agile feel on any terrain and in all snow conditions, there is also the new All-Trail waisting, which facilitates turn initiation with its rounded profile on the shovel and tail and makes the tail very playful.

Rossignol Experience 86 Ti and Rossignol Experience 82 Ti: Quiet running thanks to Titanal

The new 2021/22 Experience line also uses different combinations of Titanal, Basalt, Carbon and sustainably harvested wood to build skis that keep a stable track even on hard snow. 

The flagships of the line, the Rossignol Experience 86 Ti and the Rossignol Experience 82 Ti feature two layers of Titanal and a PEFC-certified poplar wood core, while the Experience 86 Ti also has a carbon insert. Based on the company's knowledge gained from building World Cup race skis, the top layer of Titanal has been modified to allow the ski's sidewalls to flex more naturally, further enhancing the ski's smoothness in rough terrain. 

In addition to the Experience 86 Ti and the Experience 82 Ti, Rossignol is also launching a version called the Rossignol Experience 82 Basalt, among others. These skis have no metal, but with basalt fibres they have a material that has a shock-absorbing effect, improves stability and creates a softer contact with the snow.

Get the Rossignol experience and explore the whole ski area!

All this technical development has one purpose: to ensure that you don't have to worry about your skis anymore and that you can fully engage in your experience on the mountain and discover the best runs, the best views and the best experiences in the entire ski area.