Head V-Shape: Less weight, more technology, more lightness?

Head V-Shape: A ski becomes more versatile and more enjoyable

More is less and therefore less is more. Sounds confusing? Head's ski engineers have set the goal of building a ski that reduces weight and complexity to a minimum, but is also more stable, robust and sporty. And to do that, they've filled this ski with the latest technology and the best materials.

The formula is: If you put more technology and innovation into it, you get less weight and bric-a-brac, which gives you more versatility and fun. The result: the new V-Shape series from Head. But does the formula work? Let's have a look at the result!

V-Shape Series: What's in it?

Materials in V-Shape

Let's start with the materials: From the core of Karuba wood, which stands for the perfect balance of low weight and robustness with its low density, to the carbon inlays, to the reinforcement of the ultra-light, ultra-hard wonder material Graphene, everything is geared towards one goal: to build a super-light ski that offers excellent skiing characteristics and perfect grip.

V-Shape construction

To ensure that this works, all the beautiful materials have to be arranged in a sensible way. This starts with the weight allocation: The V-Shape skis are slightly thicker in the shovel and at the end of the ski and slightly thinner under the binding than conventional all-mountain carvers. This guarantees smooth skiing and a balanced flex without much effort.

Geometry of the V-Shape

Also the geometry of the Head V-Shape skis is something special: the characteristic V form, which consists of a wide shovel with a constant middle-width, provides for a stronger entry, assists the skier in initiating the turn and enables easier turning. The narrow ski end takes some aggressiveness out of the turn end and allows agile and energy-saving skiing in all condition.

V-Shape series with Era 3.0 concept

The proven Era 3.0 concept makes the skiing performance even better: The skis of the V-Shape series have an Allride-Rocker to simplify the initiation of turns and skiing on soft grounds. Thanks to the progressive radius and the Intellifiber in the ski tip, a fast edge grip and a smooth shovel are guaranteed.

What comes out for you?

V-Shape Series: Ski Models in Single View

Head V-Shape V10 and Head V-Shape V8: Versatility for sporty skiers.

The Head V-Shape V10 and the Head V-Shape V8 are truly surprisingly versatile skis for sporty skiers. Whether you want to take short turns on fresh prepared slopes or jump through the deep snow, both skis offer good grip on hard grounds and glide easily over powder and corn snow (we call it Sülze). And that's not all: Both skis can handle it without any problems if you really challenge them and put them to the limit, but they don't force you to always ski sporty. They also allow you to do a comfortable slope just before the "Einkehrschwung“ to save energy.

Thanks to the slightly larger mid-width, the V10 is definitely more of an all-mountain specialist for experienced drivers who also love the off-piste and want to ski on the slope as well as next to them. While the V8 with its 75 mid-width is a universalist who can perform brilliantly in all conditions.

Head V-Shape V:

The Head V-Shape V6 is the little brother of the two and with its partial wood core even more energy-saving to ski and easier to turn. This makes the V6 to a playful lightweight for medium-sport drivers who want to have fun from sunrise till sundown.

V-Shape Series: Our Conclusion

The formula works: With the V-Shape models from Head there is something for everyone, and fun is guaranteed in all piste conditions.

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