Head Kore: Freeride Ski stripped down to the core

There's no doubt that Head has a long history in ski construction and the application of various technologies. And it's clear that Head is capable of innovative technology transfer, which means, not considering different areas separately, but rather cross-pollinating them. Experience from the race sector is also incorporated into the all-mountain sector or into boot construction. Head even incorporates developments from higher physics or helmet design.

What's important if it comes to freeride ski?

To decide which technologies to use and which to leave out, they carefully considered what's important in a freeride ski. The result: it should be as light as possible, float as strongly as possible on soft snow, and be highly controllable.

That's what Head focused on in the development of the new Kore series, leaving everything else out.

Graphene, Carbon, Karuba: Only the Best for the Freerider

Several technologies contribute to making the Kore skis incredibly light:

Head uses graphene, the hardest and at the same time lightest material known to humanity, above the wooden core of the Kore skis, making them even lighter and more responsive and easier to maneuver in deep snow.

To provide stability and control, multiple layers of carbon and glass fiber are used, which also contributes to the ski's lightness.

The Karuba and poplar wood core, with its perfect ratio of density and weight, also contributes to the Kore skis' low weight and gives the rider a lively and smooth feeling.

The new Kore models for freeriders contain the most advanced technologies and materials currently available, according to Head. This makes them not only the lightest skis of their kind but also skis that are extremely easy to maneuver everywhere while not lacking edge grip and stability.

From beginner to expert: the right Head Kore for every freerider

To enable different types of freeriders to embark on their next adventure, Head releases the Kore skis in various versions:

Head Kore 105

Good and experienced skiers who are mainly looking for powder but also spend some time on the piste should consider the Head Kore 105 with its wide profile.

Head Kore 99

For ambitious riders who are drawn to deep snow but also spend a lot of time on the piste, the Head Kore 99 is the ideal all-rounder.

Head Kore 93

The Head Kore 93 is particularly easy to handle. It is a freeride-oriented all-mountain ski that you can also take on a tour. Check out our ski test video for more information:

Skitest Freeride

Head Kore Tour: The ski for ski tourers!

With the Head Kore Tour 99, a new model has been added to the manufacturer of the Kore family. Despite reducing the weight, Head has managed to maintain most of the downhill advantages of the Kore series. Let's be honest, having the best ascent in the world is great, but skiing on a ski that doesn't give you any grip is just not fun. That's why, with the Kore 99 Tour, they didn't skimp on reinforcements, but instead of the usual plastic Kore surface, they used a resin-bonded fleece, which alone saves the ski 150 grams in weight. In addition, the use of glass fibers in the tip and tail reduces weight even further.

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