Head Joy: Let's go on your Joy Ride

Recently we were browsing through the dictionary and stumbled across the following entry:

Joy-ride: colloquial for pleasure ride, a (wild) ride (especially in a stolen car)

And thought to ourselves: There's something wrong? Maybe it's a serious occupational disease, but we had always thought that a Joy ride was a ski run on a Joy series ski from Head. All right, maybe the existence of women's skis from Head isn't quite as firmly anchored in the minds of Dictionary editors as it is in ours. But we do think that the editors have missed something important.

Because no other ski makes already in the name so clearly what you can expect from him, namely pleasure and fun. Skiing is about fun and pleasure. The kind of joy you experience when you're first on the slopes in the morning, when you string together one perfect carving turn after the next all day long, and when you enjoy the après-ski party or the sauna in the evening, exhausted but satisfied. The kind of joy you feel when you have just the right ski under your feet for the next perfect run, the next perfect joy ride.

Head Joy: For the joy of skiing

In order to enable all female skiers, from beginners to experts, to experience this joy, the developers at Head do not rest on their laurels, but work tirelessly to make their skis even better and more versatile. It is particularly helpful that Head has been investing for decades in the development of skis in so many different areas such as the race area, the freeride area or the all-mountain area. The materials, technologies and construction methods developed here can also be used in adapted form in the construction of the new Joy series - so that each individual model optimally fits the demands of the skiers.

Head Power Joy: The queen of the slopes

A good example is the new premium model of the series: the Head Power Joy. This ski is the solid refutation of the still often voiced claim that women's skis can't compete with "normal" race and slalom carvers. Because anyone who says that and then skis the Power Joy has no more arguments afterwards. The Head Power Joy not only delivers what it promises its name - powerful edge grip and extreme smoothness even at the highest speeds with simultaneous agility and responsiveness - it combines the classic race carver characteristics with the advantages of classic women's skis.

And that's no surprise. This is the best that the engineers at Head have to offer. From the Race area and from the completely renewed Supershape models, the Power Joy not only takes over the (now) legendary World Cup sandwich construction with full wood core and Titanal layer, which already provides for full edge grip and smoothness, but with the EMC also the first electronic ski damping system in the world, which filters out disturbing vibrations at full speed and thus ensures a harmonious ride.

The use of carbon and the lightweight yet extremely stable wonder material Graphene the ski loses the unnecessary weight and becomes lighter. All this results in a very coherent mix that can easily keep up with the "normal" race carvers - or even better. You do not believe it? Then you should test it ;-)

Head Super Joy: The epitome of versatility and control

The Head Super Joy is aimed for female skiers who are sporty and experienced, but don't want to stretch the top speed limits and want even more versatility and flexible use. This ski, with its slightly wider center width of 75mm, is a ski that can perform brilliantly in all conditions. The construction is largely derived from the LYT construction of the V-Shape series and is characterized primarily by extremely low weight with good stability. This is ensured, in addition to the graphene and carbon inserts, the continuous Karuba wood core, which with its low density stands for the perfect balance of low weight and robustness.

A special feature is not only the low weight, but also the distribution over the length of the ski: More material is used at the tip and tail of the ski and less under the binding. This changes the swing mass, the turn initiation is facilitated and the turning ability is increased. All in all, a ski that perfectly combines sportiness and easy handling.

Head Real Joy: lightness and agility

Easy handling and simple turn initiation characterize the Head Real Joy. This ski is aimed at beginners as well as returning skiers. Everything about this ski is made to make it as easy as possible for you without demanding a flawless skiing style. Low weight thanks to Graphene and Co, easy turn initiation and turning ability thanks to LYT technology this ski has everything you need when you're not competing in World Cup races. The Head Real Joy forgives you a mistake once in a while.

As you can see: There's something for every female skier in Head's new Joy series. And maybe word of this will eventually reach the editorial offices of dictionaries. In which it could then one day be said:

Joy-ride: colloquial for pleasure ride, a (wild) ride (especially on a women's ski from Head).