CEP compression ski socks in test

After our team member Kai has tested the CEP compression ski socks extensively, he gets this impression:

"The socks have a very good wearing comfort. The compression feeling is totally pleasant and not too strong. Putting them on is also very uncomplicated. The material appears high-quality and cleanly manufactured. When skiing, the socks give a nice feeling of warmth, which I think is great. You also have a feeling of "light legs". This light feeling is ideal for long days of skiing with many kilometres. I am positively surprised. The price of the socks is significantly higher than that of "normal" ski socks, that's clear. Nevertheless, I wouldn't buy any other socks now. I'd rather wash them once more".

Some facts about CEP

CEP is a brand of the company "medi", which with 2.200 employees produces medical compression stockings, hosiery bandages, etc. Anyone who thinks that while skiing there is no need for medical supplies should know about what comes from this sector is definitely useful in sport. CEP socks offer optimum wearing comfort and are knitted in a completely different way than all other socks on the market. Cleverly positioned padded zones and a wide comfort waistband ensure the comfort you wish. The anatomical fit of the foot section, ankle zone and calf area make sure that the socks follow the foot and leg contours exactly.

However, these points are still a standard feature of high-quality ski socks, which are usually 40% cheaper.

The special of CEP ski socks

The difference starts with the size system. There are no shoe sizes, only one size according to calf circumference. Why? The cue is compression: The special knitting technique activates the basic tension of the muscles. The accurately defined compression process in the mesh increases blood circulation. This means more oxygen for the muscles and therefore more energy for the skier. At the same time, metabolic residues (so-called waste products like lactate) are removed from the muscles, which allows the skier to regenerate faster.

And the result:

No or less muscle soreness during the first few days and what should especially delight the women: warm feet! The compression provides a clearly better blood circulation, which results in warmer feet. And that should now be worth 50 euros? We think so! Surely almost everyone of us knows the feeling of plumb legs when you take off your ski boots in the late afternoon. And if you can handle it with the right ski socks, the money is well invested! Once you've tried it, you don't want to wear any other ski socks while skiing!

So, don't think about it for long, just try it. We are sure that your first pair of CEP socks was not your last pair!