The good even improved : Alpina Oro QV Mips visor helmet

A ski helmet must fit perfectly

A helmet that wobbles or pinches can ruin your day on the slopes. If you have to readjust your ski helmet in the tuck position, it increases the risk of falling and can cause headaches due to pressure points. These things are universally applicable, and Alpina has had a really sophisticated basic fit for years. However, the highlight of the Oro is the translation-rotation mechanism, which sounds complicated, and it is for Alpina. However, it is not complicated for the wearer because it fits so well for many people.

Safety first - MIPS

Of course, a visor ski helmet should not only look good and provide excellent visibility, but it should also protect the head as much as possible. The best protection is the optimal basic fit. However, this can be improved. The MIPS system on the Oro QV ensures this by distributing the force of rotational impacts in a slanted collision on the entire surface, protecting the head and brain from the effects of rotational forces.

Comfort when wearing a ski helmet

In practice: a dream weather on the slopes. The sun is shining from the sky, and you are making a lot of kilometers. It is normal to feel a bit sweaty and the helmet's comfort to decrease as it gets too warm and causes itching on your head. Therefore, Alpina has put a lot of thought into this and come up with a completely new ventilation system.

Equipped with an ideal ventilation system

Alpina has already provided a one-touch ventilation system for good air circulation in previous successful models. However, the Air-Stream-Control system significantly improves this helmet. A ventilation slide can be opened or closed with one hand, regulating the airflow and adapting to weather conditions. This has been regulated to ensure that air flows through the helmet without drafts and minimizes heat buildup without offering insufficient cold protection in cold weather. An enjoyable climate inside the helmet is always ensured.

Advantages of visor helmets on the slopes

Visor helmets are trending. Comfort, ventilation, and the ability to wear glasses underneath are arguments for a visor helmet. You can easily flip the integrated "ski goggles" up or down, just as you have been able to do with motorcycle helmets for a long time. However, it is not a simple plastic sheet but a visor that offers everything that sports and ski goggles have to offer today.

Contrast-enhancing Quattroflex lens

For over 40 years, Alpina has been focusing on providing the best view on the slopes. The Quattroflex lens eliminates reflections using a polarizing filter, allowing you to see icy surfaces much better, for example. The lens eliminates disturbing glare and infrared radiation and emphasizes contours. The tint adapts automatically to different light conditions with bromine crystals in the lens.

Ideal for glasses wearers

This type of helmet is particularly suitable for glasses wearers or skiers who quickly suffer from fogged-up ski goggles due to sweating. Experts will say that this was already available on previous models. However, Alpina has put a lot of thought into the small "annoyances." Every driver knows how annoying reflections on the instrument panel can be on the windshield. Not all of these are visible, but they are even more annoying in bright sunshine. And that's exactly where a problem arises that didn't exist with normal ski goggles. The Alpina technicians have worked on this issue and solved it by tinting the visor. No disturbances in the field of view simply mean more safety.

SNOW-HOW! Verdict on the new Alpina Oro QV MIPS

This ski helmet is a true problem solver. Whether you wear glasses or have sensitive eyes, are a sweaty skier or simply want a truly innovative product with a perfect fit and top-notch safety. It offers what technology in helmet and sports eyewear research currently allows. And last but not least: the Oro QV brings a truly innovative design.