providing good grip, nimble and playful- That's the Dobermann Spitfire

For professionals, only the best is good enough. Ski manufacturers often put a lot of brainpower into their equipment to enable their athletes to gain the decisive split-second, and they continually find new ways to improve their performance. This also benefits recreational skiers, as many of the developments from professional sports gradually find their way into leisure sports.

The company Nordica, which has celebrated numerous World Cup successes with its athletes such as Felix Neureuther, Fritz Dopfer, or Dominik Paris, is also constantly working on optimizing its equipment. Many of these innovations are used by Nordica in its Nordica Dobermann series, which is intended for highly ambitious skiers. With the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire models, the manufacturer places special emphasis on versatility. In contrast to the classic giant slalom and slalom skis of the Dobermann series, the Spitfire models have a multi-radius shape that initiates every turn well and thus allows pure driving pleasure.


What makes the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire so special?


The shovel and the radius: Dynamic Race Shovel


The shovels of the new Dobermann Spitfire are longer, flatter, and wider than the shovels of traditional FIS skis. At the same time, the shovels, like the ski ends, are reinforced with lightweight and very torsion-resistant carbon inserts. This combination has several positive effects:
The extended shovel makes the ski less aggressive, increases balance, helps to avoid cutting in, and thus guarantees a smooth turn initiation and precise and controlled steering.
Since the shovel is longer but quite wide in relation to the rest of the ski and therefore functions almost like a slalom shovel, you don't have to do without powerful and dynamic turn initiation from the very beginning. In combination with the carbon reinforcement, the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire offers perfect edge grip up to the shovel. And since the radius behind the shovel becomes larger, the skis allow both long drawn-out carving turns and fast, short turns.


The construction: Race Bridge and Carbon Chassis


The construction also contributes to the perfect edge grip and dynamics. Particularly impressive is the extremely good ratio of weight to torsional stiffness. The World Cup-inspired Race Bridge Construction made of a solid wood core and two Titanal layers pulled over the edges ensures stability over the entire ski length.

The Dobermann Carbon Chassis, on the other hand, ensures a significant weight reduction with carbon-reinforced fiberglass inserts that run over the entire ski length without reducing edge grip. The result is a ski that is both playful and stable like a race ski.


The bindings system: The Recoil Power Plate


The icing on the cake is the Recoil Power Plate, which with its World Cup-inspired design provides a natural and smooth flex, noticeably dampens all vibrations, improves edge grip and power transmission.
All of these ingredients together result in skis that run very stably and are very playful and agile, making them equally suitable for high-speed carving and relaxed and energy-saving cruising. In short, skis that are fun all day long.
The difference in the Spitfire trilogy is made by the different middle widths and the resulting different widths of the shovels and ski ends.


Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 72 RB: Fast and precise


The Nordica Dobermann Spitfire72 RB is the narrowest, fastest, and most precise ski in the new Spitfire line. Nordica has succeeded in creating a racing ski that brings joy to advanced skiers all day long. Its full potential is especially evident on prepared, hard, or even icy slopes, but it can also easily handle the inevitable afternoon slush.


Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 76 RB: Versatile and Agile


The Nordica Dobermann Spitfire76 RB is designed for advanced to very good skiers who are looking for a more versatile and forgiving carving ski. Its oversized tip, wide tail, and 76mm waist make carving on prepared slopes surprisingly relaxed and easy, as well as in softer snow. Inspired by the World Cup, but constructed to provide a fun and enjoyable experience throughout the day in any terrain. If you want a ski that provides a lot of fun without too much effort, the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 76 RB is the ski for you.


Nordica Dobermann 80 RB: Stable and Safe


The Nordica Spitfire 80 RB is mainly aimed at advanced to experienced skiers who prefer prepared slopes but still like to venture off-piste occasionally. With a waist width of 80mm, the ski falls into the category of all-mountain skis, which are even more versatile. The larger surface area combined with the Race-Bridge technology provides a smooth and safe riding experience without sacrificing agility. If you are looking for a ski that provides good feedback on all slopes and with every turn, then the Spitfire 80 RB is the perfect choice for you.


Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 70 Ti: Smooth and Playful


Like all models in the Spitfire family, the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 70 Ti is a high-performance carving ski for those who love prepared slopes. With its wooden core construction and metal layer, it is not as aggressive as some other models, making it smoother to ride. If you are looking for a versatile carving ski that is playful and easy to ride, the Spitfire Ti is the perfect choice for you.



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