Our discontinued models - Better than their reputation?

Dealing with discounted - ski - models

What you should rather not do:

Never go to a person of either sex and say something like:

"Hey, you discontinued model! How are you doing today?"

Because if the person addressed is even slightly beyond the age of majority, there is a good chance that he or she will find the speech as a "discontinued model" at least uncharming. After all, there are not many good things associated with the term „discontinued model“. Rather, people think of something which can no longer keep up, of something which is out of fashion or of something  which is useless. And nobody really wants to be like that.

What you should definitely do:

Take a look at our discontinued ski models. Because discontinued skis are better than their reputation - they are often an opportunity to get quite good quality at a pretty good price. Contrary to what is often associated with the term "discontinued ski models", our discontinued ski models are not out of date or useless, they are not even worse than the latest models. Sure, these models do not have the very latest technical details. However, they are simply some of the best and most popular models from previous years, and they don't suddenly work worse just because a year has passed.

Every year at the end of the season, we try to get items for our customers from those models that we know to be among the best for their respective applications and that will be replaced next year by a new successor. To make sure that there is something suitable for just about everyone, we try to put together a nice, colorful bouquet of different types of skis.

Top ski discounted models

Of course, there are also a few real top models that satisfy the demands of very sporty and experienced skiers.The Head Supershape e-Magnum, for example, has enjoyed particular popularity in recent winters. No wonder, since this ski is an extremely versatile piste ski that is characterized by maneuverability and easy handling, yet still has enough stability and sportiness for high speeds.In the case of the Head Supershape e-Speed, the name tells the story: with its slightly larger radius and smooth running, it is particularly suitable for long carving turns at top speed, but has enough agility to easily master tight passages.Both models are equipped with the latest technology from Head ski developers, the EMC (Energy Managment Circuit). You can find out more about this technology and Head's Supershape series here. As well, the Fischer RC4 Superior Ti characterizes the successful combination of race technology and light handling. With its medium radius, it's decent tip rocker and powerful preload, this ski combines high tracking stability with power-saving turn initiation.A top slalom carver is the Rossignol Hero Carve ST. This wide-banded and sporty slalom ski is made for highly athletic short turns on hard ground and with its tight radii are just right for short turn lovers.

Sporty piste skis for the whole day

We also have something in our range for skiers who are sporty but attach particular importance to versatility and also want to take a more relaxed downhill run in between times.For example, the Atomic Redster RTi, which stands for top stability at any speed with its continuous sidewall and power wood core, yet as an entry-level model in Atomic's Redster Race series is easy to handle in any situation and guarantees diverse carving experiences with its medium radius.The Völkl Racetiger SRC is similarly versatile, designed for all skiers who can't quite decide between a race carver and a slalom carver and prefer to ski everything without being able to quite commit. With the complete wood core and tip rocker, an easy turn initiation is possible and sporty turns it makes easily.The Atomic Cloud Pro women's carver is particularly relaxed and energy-saving, making turn initiation especially easy with its Piste Rocker, while the Servotec Light insert and Titanium Stabilizer provide the necessary smoothness if things get a little faster.Perhaps the widest range is the Atomic Redster Q 5 Pro, which, with its higher mid-width, has no problems even in afternoon snow and rides almost like an all-mountain ski on soft slopes, but which can also be carved almost as aggressively as a slalom ski thanks to its unrockered shovel and stable sandwich construction.

All-round carver: versatile and easy to maintain

Both the Fischer RC One F 18 and the Salomon S/ Max N° 6 women's skis are easy to turn in almost all piste conditions, while remaining stable enough to run smoothly at medium higher speeds.