Our discontinued models - Better than their reputation?

The Snow-How! tip:

What you should rather not do:

Never go to a person of either sex and say something like:

"Hey, you discontinued model! How are you doing today?"

Because if the person addressed is even slightly beyond the age of majority, there is a good chance that he or she will find the speech as a "discontinued model" at least uncharming. After all, there are not many good things associated with the term „discontinued model“. Rather, people think of something which can no longer keep up, of something which is out of fashion or of something  which is useless. And nobody really wants to be like that.

What you should definitely do:

Take a look at our discontinued ski models. Because discontinued skis are better than their reputation - they are often an opportunity to get quite good quality at a pretty good price. Contrary to what is often associated with the term "discontinued ski models", our discontinued ski models are not out of date or useless, they are not even worse than the latest models. Sure, these models do not have the very latest technical details. However, they are simply some of the best and most popular models from previous years, and they don't suddenly work worse just because a year has passed.

Every year at the end of the season, we try to get items for our customers from those models that we know to be among the best for their respective applications and that will be replaced next year by a new successor. To make sure that there is something suitable for just about everyone, we try to put together a nice, colorful bouquet of different types of skis.

Sporty slope skis for the whole day: Head's Magnum and Atomic's Redster

The Head Supershape i.Magnum has become very popular in recent winters. No wonder, since this ski is an extremely versatile slope ski that is characterized by maneuverability and easy handling, yet still has enough smoothness and sportiness for high speeds. The Atomic Redster X7 is also distinguished by its radius variability and the successful mixture of the smoothness of a giant slalom ski and the agility of a slalom carver.

Slalom and Raceski: Rossignol's Hero Elite and Head's i.Speed

Talking about slalom carvers and giant slalom skis: Of course we also have something for lovers of classic shapes. A pure top slalom carver is the Rossignol Hero Elite ST Titanium. This top model from last winter is perfect for highly athletic carving on hard slopes and with its tight radius is just right for short turn lovers. The Head Supershape i.Speed is based on the handling characteristics of giant slalom carvers and is especially suitable for high speed carving in long turns without being too demanding.

Allmountain- and freeride skis: K2 Ikonic and Atomic Vantage

Also in the allmountain area we have two hits for you with the Atomic Vantage 79Ti and the K2 Ikonic 80 Ti. These models are a good choice for skiers who want skis that work in practically all conditions: Thanks to the pronounced rocker and the higher center width, these skis have a good lift in the afternoon snow, but are torsionally stiff enough to be carved sporty even on hard slopes.

Allroundcarver: versatile and easy to turn

For skiers who are more in the middle of their skills, we offer allround carvers.The Head Integrale Ti or the Fischer Progressor F 18 and Fischer Progressor F 17 models, all of them are quite easy to turn in almost all slope conditions, but also stable enough to run smoothly even at higher speeds.

Especially for the ladies

We don't miss our ladies. The Rossignol Nova 6 and the K2 Anthem 74 can keep up with every speed and, thanks to their special construction, contribute to a harmonious skiing style on the slopes. They are therefore the perfect companions for every day.