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Not long ago, women's skis were ridiculed as a weaker, wobblier, less athletic version of men's skis. These comments can only be heard today from old men who are overtaken by every sporty lady on the slopes :-P The fact that such prejudices are rarely cultivated any more has to do with the fact that 16 years ago, Elan came up with an idea that, as natural as it sounds, had previously been somewhat ignored: If you want to know what someone expects from a ski, it's best to ask that person.

Skis by women for women: The Elan W Studio

"We Rule" - This is the slogan that Elan W Studio, a women's collective unique in the winter sports industry, has been working under for 16 years. This collective is responsible for innovation and the development of the latest models in the women's segment at the Slovenian ski manufacturer. And with success!

The participants include members of the product and design team, professional athletes from all areas from downhill skiing to skicross, as well as ordinary female skiers. The only condition: A passion for skiing in all its forms.

"Elan's sincere commitment to bringing more women into the sport of skiing is evident in every segment of our new collection," says Melanja Korošec, Global Product Director. "The W Studio goes beyond product development; it is a true collective celebrating the sense of we - not you, not me - but us! Getting more women interested in the most beautiful sport in the world and creating unforgettable moments together is what skiing is all about.

The women's ski collection for the winter season 2020/21 is the result of the hard work of the W-Studio and proves that good women's skis can now be much more than just differently painted and softer men's skis. The efforts of so many women skiers over so many years have not only resulted in Elan's women's skis being perfectly tailored to the needs of women in general, but have even made it possible for every skier at every level, from beginner to expert, from slope racer to deep snow enthusiast, to find the right ski in the Elan range.

Elan Insomnia: Perfect tuning with Amphibio Truline W technology

A good example of the versatility and customization of the Insomnia series is the new, completely redesigned Insomnia series. Elan's Insomnia series skis are designed for women who love smooth carving turns and want to have fun on the groomed slopes, but also want to be prepared for a little detour off-piste or conditions such as heavy snowfall or rugged, slushy slopes.

To achieve this versatile and sleek slope performance, the W team developed the Amphibio Truline W Technology from Elan's proprietary Amphibio Truline technology, which provides finely tuned structural reinforcement of the inner edges along the entire length of the ski and easy and perfect turning over the outer edges. The result is more power, stability and confidence in the turn initiation and the subsequent turn. The power-saving Freeflex Power Shift binding also provides the precision for perfect turns and leaves enough energy reserves for the entire skiing day.

But of course, not all women who like to carve on the slopes are equally good. And that's exactly why Elan's W-Studio has made sure that there is something for everyone.

Elan Insomnia 16 Ti: sporty and agile

For the top female skiers, the Elan Insomnia 16 Ti is suitable, which is in no way inferior to the top men's models in terms of sportiness. The 73-mm center width, titanium inlay and RST sidewall provide the best edge grip, agility and smoothness, while the wood core shines with a flex specially designed for women. This means that there is nothing to stand in the way of short or long turns at high speed on the groomed slopes or anything else. This ski particularly convinced our female skiers during the ski test!

Elan Insomnia 12 C: versatile and forgiving

While the Elan Insomnia 16 Ti is mainly aimed at the good to very good female skiers, the Elan Insomnia 12 C seeks to win the favor of female skiers who are generally a bit more comfortable, but who also want to get out the proverbial pig and step on the gas a bit more. The Insomnia 12 C with its 76mm center width and carbon layer is a very versatile and easy to handle ski, which is especially suitable for easy cruising, but also handles higher speeds without any problems.

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